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‘Under the surface there are all kinds of people living here who don’t necessarily have a lot of money but more recently the shops have become more luxury. It all feels less local, more transient, it makes you think- why are you there when everyone else is there in a different way? And since we had new landlords, they have been around a huge amount in our stairways taking possession of them, the idea is “we own this space, it is not your space.” But we talk to each other about what's going on and try to help each other if the other is in a difficult situation– this has kept us sane.’

Hannah is an independent theatre maker and actor. She is co-founder of an award-winning theatre collective and has created many individual projects alongside research into new ways of making theatre.  Her work is led by a focus on community, innovation and collective responsibility. Hannah lives in Kensington with her Spanish partner.

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