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Sharda Rozena
The Researcher


Sharda Rozena completed her PhD in 'Gentrification and facadism in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea: a tale of three buildings' at the University of Leicester in 2022.


Sharda writes about the lived everyday reality of gentrification, including her own experiences of living with the slow violence of property management companies and landlords that has led to direct and indirect or symbolic displacement. She is interested in residents' everyday experiences of home and community behind the many different facades in the borough; this includes empty luxury homes being used for buy-to-leave investment and the consequences of state-led gentrification on housing estates. She has worked with both residents and academics to bridge the gap between academia and activism.  Her work largely focuses on issues including health, security, inequality and livability in the housing sector.


Rozena, S. (2023). ‘One Kensington Gardens: buy-to-leave gentrification in the Royal Borough.’ Antipode.

Rozena, S and Lynn, N. (2023). ‘The Real Faces of the Royal Borough: from academic research to art exhibition.’ City: Analysis of Urban Change, Theory, Action, Scenes Sounds Action.

Rozena, S. (2023). ‘Communal interaction and creativity as revolution: resistance to corporate landlords by regulated tenants.'  City: Analysis of Urban Change, Theory, Action. Available at: 

Rozena, S. (2022). ‘Opinion: Grenfell- not one but multiple stories of displacement.’ Housing after Grenfell [online blog] University of Oxford. Available at:

Rozena, S. (2022). ‘Displacement on the Lancaster West Estate in London before, during, and after the Grenfell fire.’ City: Analysis of Urban Change, Theory, Action.  


Rozena, S and Lees, L. (2021). ‘The Everyday Lived Experiences of Airbnbification in London.’ Social and Cultural Geography.  

Rozena, S. (2021). ‘Hinter Den Fassaden: Wohnrealitaten in Kensington.’ ARCH + Magazine Issue 245: Fassadenmanifest. (Translated into German). View here.  

Book Chapters  


Rozena, S. (in press, tbp 2022). ‘Gentrification’. In: Jacobs, K, Flanagan, K, Verdouw, J and De Vries, J (editors) Housing, the Home and Society: Research Handbook. Edward Elgar.


Rozena, S (in press, tbp 2022). ‘Ethnography.’ In: Demeritt, D, and Lees, L. (editors) Concise Encyclopedia of Human Geography. Edward Elgar.

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