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"Thank you so much for this exhibition of our community. Looking and reading has been a moving experience"

"What a fantastic show! It looks amazing and what a great window into the people of Kensington"

"Beautiful - what a wonderful depiction of people's stories" 

"Love the prints on aluminium backing. Sadly so true about the change to the community"

"It has been a privilege to be included amongst this selection of individuals whose homes are in RBKC. Powerful and meaningful work from artist Nevada and researcher & curator Sharda. Let's hope the theme lives on"

"Interesting medium, made me curious to explore more. Bold and stricking. Thank you for sharing stories of local people. Very joyful looking people. Inspiring to keep going and make things happen"

"Beautiful works of art. This should be open to more of the wider public. Very refreshing and uplifting work. Thank you for sharing this"

"Wonderful exhibition, good to see the faces of real people with living roots in the community instead of dignitaries from a Victorian past. A living gallery of engaged people, very inspiring"

"Very insightful. This beautiful work of art really touched me. The medium used is magnificent - I hope it can be used for carving out workshops for local people as art is like meditation that takes off all the stress and gives people place and  happiness"

"A wonderful exhibition. The art, symbolism and description really brings the characters to life. A fantastic collaboration and achievement" 

"Love this. Gorgeous images and warm smiles that show the connection everyone has to the area, their passions and to each other. Makes positive, enchanting stories out of cold, corporate scenarios affecting all. Makes us think about what imagery we would have for our own personal pictures" 

"An inspiring exhibition - connectivity at heart - warming theme throughout the accomplished portraits of personal stories and perspectives, and profoundly challening also as the highlighting of corporate take-overs and globalisation recognises the loss to community and individuals of continuity, stability and security. Beautifully realised images with "hidden" and explicit symbolism. Thank you Sharda and Nevada for this special and meaningful exhibition"

"Thought provoking and thoughtful! A really person centred approach to art making and activism. Thank you, I am inspired"

"A powerful exhibition exploring a reality that many people are facing in cities and towns across the country. Inspiring work"

"Beautiful exhibition - I hope a lot of people get to see this - around the whole country - 'the personal is political' "

"Thank you so much for sharing this work with us and speaking about the journey. Really beautiful. I'd like to come back again - so much to think about!"

"It was a joy to see my community in this light"

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to see these amazing works of art and for championing the real people of this amazing area"

"A real insight into the community and unheard voices - thank you"

"Thank you so much for showing all these wonderful portraits - all having a fascinating story reflected in the portraits. Really really enjoyed it"

"Wonderful project addresing powerful and relevant issues concerning the local landscape. I'm enternally grateful to have stumbled upon beautiful art and beautiful messages"

"What a lovely surprise. Expressive, colourful, thoughtful. Well done everyone!"

"I love the warmth and luminosity in the work. The portraits are done in such a sensitive and thoughtful way. They beautifully communicate each person's personality and passions. I absolutely loved the portraits!"

"Beautiful colour combination and symbolism. Loved the story going with it. Well done!"

"Great to see this exhibition again in this excellent space. Beautiful stories and portraits - important narrative. Love the symbols and colours"

"Popped in to see your exhibition, it's epic! All the best in your epic work"

"Congratulations on an exhibition full of community, humanity and warmth"

"Delighted to have finally made the exhibition. A very meaningful connection between a place and people, and the artist and research project" 

"Thank you Sharda and Nevada for expressing culture and personal stories from my neighbourhood. Love the style you are using. It's vibrant. I really enjoyed reading the history of the people"

"Thank you Sharda and Nevada for this exhibition and for your commitments to telling people's stories, finding and listening to the human side of the world we live in, streets we walked down and buildings we see. I'm so grateful for the chance to talk about and process my experience of growing up here and hope that together, our voices and stories make a difference!" 

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