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‘All I want is for it to be safe where I live, and for there to be a sense of community and some funding for grassroots projects and youth clubs, but also things for pensioners to do and all sorts, but what I do not want is there to be a brand new leisure centre that no one can afford to go to or just the same Starbucks or multiple Tesco and Sainsbury locals. It removes the culture out of the area. Everything.’

Irfan is an actor. He graduated from RADA in 2017 and has starred in many theatre productions, television programmes and films. Born in Zambia, Irfan and his parents moved to west London shortly after. He grew up on the Lancaster West Estate. After the Grenfell Tower fire, his family were moved to a hotel, and then temporary accommodation before being provided with a permanent home on Chelsea World’s End Estate. Irfan enjoys cooking for his younger siblings, practicing for auditions and taking care of his family.

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