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I’m blessed because I live in Kensington and Chelsea. But because of that word ‘Royal’, it’s got to look like it’s doing the best for its residents. It’s funny isn’t it. I was lucky, I had my nans place but if you don’t get a social housing place then you cannot afford to live here. We still have a community, people who knew my grandparents and my mum, they haven’t moved but none of their children live in the area. Lots of the council places are privately bought or the landlord is renting them out to people who are in social housing, and obviously that’s going to be knocking out the people that cannot afford it. It’s them and us and it always will be. Its just getting bigger and now you can all see it.’

Laura was born and raised in W11. She was a teaching assistant for thirty years and is part of a close-knit community in Notting Dale. She enjoys playing music on the back of her mobility scooter.

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