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‘I’ve  made my small dwelling a home, I quite like it the way it is. I don’t want it all fancied. Home is what you make it and its not just about the inside but the surroundings, the community and everything you are involved in, like how the park becomes your back garden. We live on the outside as well as the inside and sometimes it’s almost equal and that’s why we live here like we do, and it’s a story, its full of story.’

Manju is a regulated tenant. Regulated tenancies are no longer issued in the UK but those who do have them, from the 1970s or before, have rent control regulation and protection from eviction. Regulated tenants are often pressured to move by landlords who want to redevelop the properties and make more profit from this real estate.


An arts practitioner,  shadow puppeteer and founder of Kabutar Arts, Manju often draws on Indian folklore for storytelling, which is made all the more possible by her family connections in India.

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