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‘In the '80s loads of people managed to get social housing—my mum came in 1988. Families who were in one bedroom or two  bedroom homes started getting their own houses. Today there is a clear divide, and before Grenfell I noticed that usually it would take a couple of weeks for someone to fix something, like the boiler, and then after Grenfell they were there within the next few days. Post - Grenfell they actually started making an effort. In terms of community, a  lot of middle class north Londoners come to west London and spend time in Portobello, to the point where I do not see anyone from the local area enjoying the pubs or the local life in Portobello. It’s not really local people enjoying the local commodities.’

Saul is from Notting Dale ward in Kensington. He studied professional musicianship at the BIMM Institute and plays piano and drums. Politics and international relations fuel his personal beliefs, and he is interested in anime and fantasy genres.

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