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‘I remember riding my brother’s BMX in the corridor even though we were not allowed -  no balls, no games but we would have so much fun running around the estate and just being kids. I really loved the area I lived in, but after the Grenfell fire, it felt like someone just destroyed my whole childhood. We finally settled in World’s End Estate where funnily enough my grandparents had lived for twenty years. It was a four bedroom apartment and it wasn't in the best condition but my mum said we can put some paint on it and redecorate and everything will be fine, and that’s what we did, we settled here, and ever since then our lives have been a lot better because we’re in a permanent place.’ 


Zahra grew up on the Lancaster West Estate in North Kensington. She works as a fashion illustrator and designer, and is the creator of SHAMJILIMITED. Since 2017, she has lived in Chelsea where she enjoys walking along the riverside.

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